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    Bill Dumas 2013.2.5 03:54
    Unfortunately, you're quite right Lynda. We held a screening on Friday for a new documentary on homeless veterans and how the VA is not using its 350 plus acres of mostly vacant land in the middle of LA to house homeless vets. Someone asked during the post screening Q&A, "So what's the solution, the government's not going to do anything." The panelists agreed that only when enough of the public becomes aware and demands action will anything get done. That's a very difficult task but if a majority of Americans watched these documentaries it could happen. How to make these films go viral - that's the challenge.

    Lynda McDonald 2013.2.4 22:41
    Why buy this DVD, why write to our congressmen and representives? They all know about it...they don't CARE! Lets say maybe the lower parts of government don't know...but the ones who do and can do something about it...don't care...and they are not about to bring those men home now...that would be the same as saying, "we knew they were there, but we didn't want to bring them back." I don't know what evil reasons they have, but they aren't about to bring them home...ever! Just the little exerpt I watch made me sick and depressed! It will take something alot stronger than written words to get our men back!

    C. Gilbert Lowery 2011.8.19 13:26
    I was a Navy Corpsman with a Marine Reconnaissance Patrol Team in Korea in the 1950's and we rescued Americans and allied being held POW when the North Koreans said they were not there. There is no doubt we still have brothers, and maybe sisters (Navy & Army Nurses), still being held captive. It's time for Congress and the President to act on their behalf and on behalf of their families.

    Skypilot VNV M/C State POW~MIA Officer PA 2011.2.6 09:21
    I've been dealing with the POW~MIA issue since I was on active duty. I spent 21 yrs defending this country, two of which was spent in Vietnam as 11B40P as a Team Leader of a LRRP Team (Painted Faces). I've read several congressional reports, books seen the other film my Brother Brasso has talked about, called PELOSI'S daily for years, talked before hundreds at rallies, and never got the answer I wanted to hear, "YES WE ARE GOING TO BRING AMERICA'S MISSING HOME". "When a Country forgets about their MISSING ~ They to are LOST". "THEY FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM ~ WE CAN NOT FORGET THEIRS"!
    I'm going to buy this film so I can get some more facts, we can't let this issue be forgotten. I was taught "WE DON'T LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND" what happen?
    U.S. Army Airborne Ranger RET
    Vietnam Combat Veteran
    VNV M/C USA PA State POW~MIA Officer

    Mario, Task Force Omega KY 2010.9.20 07:59
    Everyone I show this DVD to is floored. They all say they didn't know. "When one American is not worth the effort to be found, we as Americans have lost."

    Brasso VNV M/C 2010.3.22 06:23
    I've read all the books and have been as acive as I can by contacting my reps. I served 2 tours in Vietnam & 2 tours in the Gulf. However, nothing opened my eyes and heart like this film did. I have been raving about it ever since. Buy it and you will see the truth and it is nothing but the truth.
    "We Can Never Forget Or Give Up"

    VNV/MC Moose 2009.1.21 18:41
    This is a must see for anyone who has ever loved a soldier. It is an eye opening experience that will make you angry and bring tears to your eyes. I could go on and on, the reasons for watching this dvd are endless. I extend a challenge to all my brother, fellow veterans, and those who love soldiers to watch this dvd and act. Call Washington DC, and your local represenatives and make something happen. Let them know that this has to stop. I Dare YOU!!

    (Posted on 2013-07-30 20:33:00 by bdprod)

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